Principal's Message

Welcome to Erskine Elementary School ... Home of the All Stars!!

The faculty and staff of Erskine Elementary School strive to create an environment that values tradition, service, and education. Students, staff, and community are encouraged to celebrate the traditions that make us unique, provide service to improve the world we live in, and gain knowledge through education, in order to establish a community of life-long learners.

At Erskine, we desire to create a learning community dedicated to setting high expectations for academic achievement, student involvement, and citizenship. Please join us as we work to provide the best education possible for your children. We look forward to partnering with you to teach not only academic content standards, but also the self discipline and character traits necessary to be successful in the classroom and in the larger community.

I want to thank you ahead of time for finding ways to be a part of our school community. Each of you is your child's first teacher. Erskine can accomplish little without the cooperation of the parents. The parent is the first teacher of the child and should develop in the child good behavioral habits and proper attitudes toward school. Your interest and support at home is important to your child, and greatly appreciated by us.

Any contributions you can make by way of volunteering are greatly appreciated. Please take time to check our website regularly to get information about events and functions. Also, check out our Facebook page for regular updates about happenings in the classrooms and other social activities.

Thanks for your help in making this an AWESOME year!